Middas Touch Design

Modern kitchen interior design

A premium lifestyle brand that deals in interior designing and manufacturing Modern kitchen interior design, Middas Touch is a complete solution to all your problems related to Modular kitchens, wardrobes, and interiors. All that we design is based on Indian conditions and the suitability of the natives to work there. Our key strength is to maintain balance spaces in the most imperfectly designed yet aesthetically appealing outcomes with an objective to justify the wonderful connection between space, form, and function. You are here to read about our exclusive variety of designs in kitchen interiors.


L Shaped Kitchens

The L-shaped kitchen is one of the most popular and versatile layouts. With an increase on open-room loving, the L-shaped kitchen is very popular. This kitchen layout is very spacious and accessible.


U Shaped Kitchens

This layout is designed for high efficiency. It covers three walls, providing an ongoing working platform. Many of today's modern homes are implementing this layout for its well-organized design and easy functionality.


Straight Kitchens

This one-wall kitchen layout is a simple, yet functional design. It is ideal for smaller spaces such as a studio apartment, where everything is within easy reach, including your appliances, cabinets, cooking tools, and ingredients.


Parallel Kitchens

The parallel kitchen is one of the most classic and efficient layouts. It allows for maximum efficiency in a small amount of space. Many restaurants serving large numbers of people appreciate the parallel kitchen, where all appliances and items are within easy reach.